Alcohol Licensing

Alcohol licensing:

If you’re applying for a new premises license to sell alcohol, we will advise you on the correct operations your business can undertake with an alcohol license. Our licensing team will also break down the legal jargon associated with the licensing requirements that you as the business owner must meet.

Our legal team will provide you with the best quality advice to ensure your application for an alcohol license has the best chance of success.

Licensing in Northern Ireland

The law surrounding the licensing of pubs, hotels, restaurants, and other places where alcohol is being sold in Northern Ireland is primarily governed by a piece of legislation known as The Licensing (Northern Ireland) Order 1996.

First time licensing application

We understand the stress associated with licensing applications and how it can be overwhelming for a first-time licensing owner as they are not completely aware of what to expect from the procedure. We dedicate ourselves to take this stress and burden off you, as we will collect the necessary information and will submit your licensing application.

How we can help

P.A. Duffy & Company Solicitors have years of experience working closely with clients who are applying, appealing, or renewing various licenses in Northern Ireland. We pride ourselves in our commitment to seek the best legal outcome for our clients and their business. Our Licensing solicitors understand that commercial law can be overwhelming for many business owners, so we ensure the majority of the legal burden is taken off you by dealing with legal matters in your business.

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