Asylum Support for Refugees

Support for Asylum Seekers Our team provides legal representation and advice to asylum seekers and refugees. If you are seeking asylum you may be entitled to housing support while you are waiting for your application to be processed. You will be provided with some form of accommodation which may be in a house, hostel or bed and breakfast. You will also be given cash support which will be at paid onto a special debit card known as an ASPEN card each week. Additional money can also be made available to mothers and young children. You can also apply for a one off maternity payment of £300 if your child is due in less than 8 weeks or is less than 6 weeks old. Free healthcare should also be provided by the NHS and if your children are between the ages of 5-17 they will be provided with free education. What if my Asylum has been Refused? If you are refused Asylum you are generally required to leave the UK immediately. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. If you are homeless, don’t have money to buy food and can show that there is a reason that you can not leave the UK you may be able to apply for short term housing, medical prescriptions and a payment card for food and toiletries. How we can help: – give you advice on the strength of your case – help write formal statements for you – help you to make an appointment to make a claim for asylum – apply for release if you are detained – prepare your case and offer representation in case of an appeal – give advice on what can or will happen to your case – get any further information you might need to explain your claim.

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