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If you or your child has suffered birthing injuries or birthing trauma, you may be entitled to seek compensation for this damage. Our expert medical negligence solicitors have years of experience representing birth injury and birth trauma victims, this means that they are well placed to ensure the best legal outcome for you.

Our legal experts at P.A. Duffy & Company Solicitors handle every case with sensitivity and professionalism, however they approach birthing injury and birthing trauma cases with additional compassion, as they understand the trauma attached to these cases. You can trust our medical negligence solicitors to provide a welcoming, confidential, and assuring service to you; this is what makes our firm stand out from the rest.

What are Birthing Injuries?

A birth injury is damage to the child before, during or shortly after the birthing process.  It can be caused by a variety of issues; for example; physical pressure during the birthing process. This can, in certain cases, result in birth injuries such as nerve damage and broken bones.

What is Birth Trauma and what causes it?

Birth trauma is pain and suffering experienced by a mother during or after childbirth, birth trauma can be physical however it is often emotional and psychological. Birth trauma can be caused by medical negligence, such as the failure of a surgeon to perform a Caesarean section or a midwife’s failure to record tests appropriately leading to a misdiagnosed condition in the baby.

Types of Birth Injuries:

There are various types of birth injuries that can vary between the mother and baby. The mother may experience scarring or trauma caused by medical equipment such as forceps whereas the baby may endure injury to the brain or physical impairment. Below is a list of birth injuries that we can tailor our services to:

Baby’s Birth Injuries

-Cerebral Palsy; Cerebral palsy is the most common motor impairment in childhood.  It is a condition ranging in multiple ailments including an injury to the baby’s brain affecting their movement and posture. A common cause of cerebral palsy is lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain at birth.

-Infection; An infection can be passed onto the child if the mother is suffering from a virus such as Herpes. If this is the case, then it is the medical professional’s duty to treat the baby as soon as possible following the labour. If this is not treated the infection may severely affect the baby’s brain.

-Haemorrhage; a haemorrhage may occur if the midwives or doctor act negligently.   For example, if the mother is showing excessive blood loss, or her or the baby has an abnormal heart rate then the medical professional may perform an emergency delivery.  However, if the medical professionals fail to respond and cause injury to the baby or mother, this may be considered medical negligence and you may seek compensation.

–Umbilical cord prolapses; complications of the umbilical cord can occur during labour.  For example, the cord may knot around the baby and decrease its blood and oxygen supply. This can lead to serious brain and heart defects in the baby.

Mother’s Birth Injuries

A Mother may endure birthing injuries during labour. The list of potential birth injuries range from;

-Maternal sepsis: There are early signs of maternal sepsis however if they are not treated efficiently by a medical professional it can progress into a severe condition. This can range from blood clots, blood pressure dropping, loss of oxygen to the brain and internal organs, maternal sepsis could lead to organ failure or potentially death. If you believe that maternal sepsis could have been handled better by the medical professional, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

-Uterine or placenta rupture: this is a medical emergency and requires immediate attention. If the medical professional acted negligently towards this condition (examples below), it could lead to the mother suffering from excessive blood loss and organ damage. In some cases, leading to maternal or infant death due to lack of blood and oxygen consumed.

– Delay in diagnosing the rupture;

– Failed to consider the mother’s medical history of previous ruptures;

– Failed to monitor the baby during labour;

– Failed to perform a caesarean section when necessary.

– Forceps marks or scarring; forceps are sometimes used when the labour is not progressing as swiftly as required. In some cases, such as where there is a delay in using the forceps or incorrect handling of the instrument it can cause long term tears, marks and scarring to the mother and child. These injuries can range from the mother’s blood loss, injury to bladder, to the baby’s nerve damage and damage to the baby’s skull.

-Pre-Eclampsia; This causes high blood pressure during pregnancy and after labour and it can result in further risks and damage to the mother and baby if not treated properly. Medical professionals act negligently by delaying or failing to detect the diagnosis prolonging the suffering for the mother and baby. They may have detected the problem however gave a misdiagnosis to the mother resulting in further complications and suffering to the mother and baby. The medical professional may have delayed providing treatment for the condition or provided the incorrect treatment which will also put the mother and baby’s life at risk.

How we can help

At P.A.Duffy & Co. Solicitors, we have years of experience representing mothers and babies suffering from birth injuries. This ranges from minor birth injuries to devastating stillbirths or maternal deaths. We recognise the long-term impact they have on the mother, baby, and wider family circle. We can assure, that by appointing P.A.Duffy Company’s Medical Negligence team, you will be receiving the best legal services for your birth injury and trauma.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you or your family member have been affected by birth injury or birth trauma, so we can help you proceed with a claim for compensation.

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