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What is Child abduction? 

Child abduction is when a minor has been taken from the parent or someone with legal responsibility of the child.
This offence can be committed by individuals biologically related and not related to the child, such as, neighbours, friends, strangers.


What is Parental child abduction?

Parental child abduction is when the minor’s parent or guardian takes or withholds the child from their other parent or family member, and as a result they are depriving them off their right to contact with the child.

Issues concerning child abduction in family law can arise between partners who have separated and can accurately be described as a child being taken out of the country for more than 4 weeks at a time by one parent without the consent of the other or without the permission of the court.

What can I do to prevent child abduction?

If your child has been taken out of the country without consent or you suspect that they will be then it is important to seek legal advice immediately so that prohibitive or preventative measures can be taken. Our expert family law solicitors will advise on the most appropriate steps to take.

These may include applying to the Court for a Prohibited Steps Order which would prevent your former partner from taking your child out of the country or if they have already left we may be able to petition the Court on your behalf to have the child returned to your care.

How We Can Help

The child abduction laws are informed by International Treaties, Protocols and Declarations including the 1980 Hague
Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. At PA Duffy & Company our family law team will offer expert advice and representation and will therefore endeavour to have your child returned to your care as soon as possible.


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