Dispute Resolution

PA Duffy and Company have offices in Co. Tyrone and Dublin, this means we are uniquely positioned to deal with Litigation and Dispute Resolution matters in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Our commercial law team works with small local businesses as well as large multi-national businesses. Our expert commercial solicitors understand the complexities of running a business and our approach is to take swift action with a view to resolving disputes in an expedient and effective manner.

There is a vast array of dispute resolution methods which our commercial solicitors use including litigation, mediation and arbitration. Our commercial solicitors will take instructions from our client’s and always choose the method which is most beneficial to our client’s interests.

How We Can Help

At PA Duffy and Company our commercial solicitors aim to take away the burden of resolving dispute issues from our client’s. While each case will be different, we can guarantee that our service will include:

1. Expert advice – If a dispute arises you can contact one of our expert commercial law solicitors and they will meet you or speak to you on the phone to discuss how best to resolve the matter. You will be advised on the most effective method or remedy to your problem and our solicitors will tailor our services to your needs.

2. Communication – We will keep you updated on the progress of your case throughout the dispute resolution process. Our commercial solicitors are approachable and responsive to any queries you may have and will try to help you understand the legal complexities.

3. Getting Results – Dispute resolution is about finding the correct remedy to your client’s problem. Our solicitors have the expertise and knowledge to apply the correct remedy and obtain the desired outcome for our client’s.

Case Study

We have devised a hypothetical scenario which may help you to understand how dispute resolution methods operate in practice:

Colm is the director of a company who sell large engineering machinery throughout Ireland and the UK. Colm sold two machines to a customer in Co. Galway for a total of £28,000. Colm applied his companies’ usual protocol for payment of invoices, allowing 28 days for the payment of the invoice. He then sent a reminder letter asking that the invoice be paid within 14 days. When this time elapsed he made a phone call to the debtor and instructed that he would allow a further 14 days but if no payment was received he would be pursuing legal action. The invoice was not paid.

Colm approached our commercial law team who sent a pre action letter to the debtor stating that they had breached a contract for goods by failing to pay their invoice, which has resulted in our client sustaining a significant financial loss. They were given a further 21 days to make payment of this invoice with the threat of Court Proceedings if they did not.

No payment was received. Colm took his solicitors advice that the best way to proceed was by way of litigation. Court Proceedings were issued seeking full payment of the debt. Prior to the Hearing date for the case the debtor’s solicitor and Colm’s solicitor entered into negotiations and it was agreed that the debtor would pay the invoice in full with any added interest if Colm agreed to drop the case against him. Colm was happy with this outcome and instructed his solicitor to accept the offer.


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