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What is Mediation? 

Like arbitration, mediation is an informal method which can be employed to settle disputes outside of Court.

A mediator is an individual with a neutral position, who is appointed with the consent of both parties. The mediator will work with both parties in an attempt to reach a fair agreement. The mediation process is entirely confidential, and each case is treated fairly. This method can be used for property disputes, debt disputes and contractual disputes for example.

Types of Mediation

A wide range of private and commercial clients use mediation as a form for resolution;

    -Commercial disputes

       – Business partnership disputes

    -Construction disputes

    -Breaches of contract

    -Welfare disputes

    -Professional negligence

    -Medical negligence 

    -Family disputes

    -Inheritance-Will disputes

    -Divorce disputes

    -Child maintenance disputes


How We Can Help

At PA Duffy& Company we can provide you with our expert advice during this period, we can help you understand the benefits and hardships of mediation and the resolution process.

Mediation cases often involve sensitive cases such as family, business relationships and welfare regardless of the case we will handle your situation with confidentiality and fairness. Please complete our enquiry form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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