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What is death by negligence in care homes?

Death by negligence occurs when a medical or healthcare professional provided a poor standard of care which resulted in the wrongful death of the patient.

Who can be sued for death by negligence?

There are two types of death by negligence cases, the first is wrongful death caused intentionally and the second type is death caused by a medical professional’s negligence but was not the intentional outcome. Regardless of intent or not in the negligent act of the medical professional, they can be pursued by the relative of the deceased in a wrongful death case.

Death caused by negligence in care homes

If you lost a family member due to medical negligence in the care home, you may want to seek legal action to those who acted negligently. We understand that this will never compensate for the loss of your loved one, however this fee could go towards emotional wellbeing recovery and counselling sessions. There are two forms of wrongful death this can be deaths caused intentionally where the perpetrator has a purpose to injure and potentially kill the individual. Additionally, there is an unintentional act of wrongful death, this could be in the case of a medical professional acting negligently without the intention of causing death upon the patient. It is important to note, that regardless of the medical professional had intent in their negligence or not, they may be liable to be pursued for wrongful death by the deceased person’s family.

Who can sue for wrongful deaths on the behalf of the deceased?

In the case of wrongful death, the closest relative to the deceased could make a claim of wrongful death on behalf of the deceased person. The decease person’s relatives are entitled to make a claim of death due to the medical professional’s negligence. This permit is in place in the case where the relative depended on the deceased person’s income and therefore is suffering financially due to the death caused by negligence.

We understand that the compensation won from a wrongful death case cannot rectify for the wrongful loss of a loved one. However, we know it is a vital factor in helping the relative recover from this tragedy as it can help with the emotional and financial burden as it can be used for counselling sessions or household income.

How we can help

At P.A. Duffy Solicitors we understand that pursuing wrongful death cases is difficult and stressful for loved ones of the deceased person. Our legal experts have experience in the area of wrongful death cases therefore they are well placed to treat your case with expertise, professionalism and sensitivity for you and your family members.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume of wrongful death cases has accelerated, as result our medical negligence solicitors are working continuously and building their expertise on these matters. For further information on our notable wrongful death cases please contact our legal team.

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