Electric Shock & Electrocution Injuries

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What is an Electric Shock-Electrocution Injury?

An electric shock occurs when a person connects with an electrical energy source which flows through a part of the person’s body which causes a shock sensation. This may result in a serious injury or even death.

Severe injury or death due to an electric shock is called electrocution and this is when the shock passes through the entire body.

Who is affected?

Due to the technical world, we live in today, the possibility of electrocution injury is rife, therefore everyone is vulnerable. However, there are some increasingly vulnerable to this injury:

  • Children
  • Electricians
  • Firefighters
  • Construction workers
  • Theatre production staff
  • Catering
  • Hairdressing
  • DJ/Music Producer

Injuries that may be caused by electrocution:

  • Amputation/loss of limb
  • Brain injury/trauma
  • Burns/ scars
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Muscle and nerve damage or spasms
  • Tissue destruction
  • Broken bones
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Spinal Injury
  • Seizures
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Problems with hearing/vision

Electrocution at Work

Who is Responsible for my injuries?

If your job involves working with electricity your employer generally has a legal duty to protect you against the risk of electrocution.

Employees who are exposed to electric current and therefore at risk of electric shocks should generally be supplied with PPE by their employer.

If your employer has failed to meet any of the guidelines below then they may have breached their duty of care and you may be eligible to seek compensation:

-Only asked you carry out electrical work that you are qualified to do

-Provided you with the appropriate PPE or electrical testing equipment

-Frequently carries out preventative maintenance.

Electrocution from Products:

Electrocution can also be caused by faulty products:

-Computer equipment (laptops, chargers, speakers, plugs)

-Toys (electric cars, electric doll)

-Hardware tools (electric drills, electric sander)

-Kitchen utensils (toaster, iron, kettle, microwave)

-Self-care goods (hairdryers, back massager, razor)

In this case the manufacturer or supplier may be responsible for your injuries. Head over to our Product Liability page to learn more.

How we can help

Our Personal Injury team can help you make a claim for compensation if you have suffered an injury from electric shock. We have experience in representing clients with injury claims therefore we understand how important compensation is to help you with expenses of rehabilitation, journeys to and from the hospital, medical attention and after care.

We understand that injuries as a result of electric shocks can be life changing to not only the individual but their loved ones as they will either be caring for the injured party or grieving their loss. Therefore, we promise to treat your case with sensitivity and compassion whilst providing the best legal advice to you.

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