Every Story Matters – National Listening Exercise


Previously, the Chair, Baroness Hallett confirmed that the Inquiry were working to develop a comprehensive listening exercise called ‘Every Story Matters.’

In response to organisations’ feedback the inquiry have decided to: 


    • Community listening events will be held across the UK. This will include sessions attended by the Chair and other inquiry staff members, which will be launched later this year.

    • Provide different ways for people to share their story. A new webform with a ‘save and come back’ feature has been developed. In addition, alternative ways to respond to the exercise including a paper form and phoneline will be made available for those who cannot go online. 

    • In-person sessions will be held to reach under-represented groups.

    • Emotional support for anyone sharing their story and trauma informed training for anyone speaking to members of the public about their experience will be offered, to ensure those who speak and share will be supported. 


The accounts given will be analysed and reports will be produced for each relevant module investigation and they will then be submitted as evidence disclosed to the Core Participants and also published as part of the evidence in those hearings. So, in this way the experience of those affected by the pandemic will be integrated into the Inquiry’s core work.


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