Divorce and Child Care

Child Care Disputes

It is desirable that an amicable agreement is made upon separation regarding care for children. However, disputes can arise, and our divorce solicitors are well equipped do deal with any difficulties you have.
Disputes are often centred around financial issues regarding child maintenance. This can be resolved by agreement, by the child maintenance service or through the courts. Our solicitors will be able to provide you with advice on maintenance finances and will help you to achieve the best outcome for yourself and your children.

Parental Responsibility

There are many considerations that must be taken into account with regard to children, including; where and with whom a child should live, what school they go to, what medical treatment they should receive and considerations of religious beliefs. It is obviously desirable to resolve such matters by mutual agreement. However, if this is not possible there are steps that can be taken by a Court to resolve such issues.

In such circumstances our experienced solicitors may advise client’s on the benefits of resolving disputes in Court which could include applying for a Specific Issue Order which allows the Court to resolve issues of parental responsibility or a Prohibited Steps Order which prevents particular steps being taken on behalf of a child.

How We Can Help

Our family law team understand that when disputes in relation to children arise it can be a very stressful time for parent’s. Our solicitor’s offer professional and compassionate advice and will ultimately strive to get your desired result.

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