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Child Contact Solicitors

What is Contact?

Contact focuses on the right of the child over any other party. A child has the right to spend time with both parents and it is important to put the best interests of the child first when a relationship breaks down. It is of course desirable to reach an amicable agreement between both parties regarding contact with children. However, in reality disputes often arise. Such conflict can be damaging to children and should be resolved without delay.

Issues with Contact

When a dispute arises regarding contact with a child, our family law solicitors can make an application to the Court for contact on your behalf. The specifics of the contact granted by the Judge will depend on each applicant’s individual circumstances and will always aim to put the best interests of the child at the centre of any decision.

It is recognised that the involvement of both parents in the child’s life the best approach to meet the child’s interests. However, if contact is risking the wellbeing of the child, then restrictions to contact will be introduced.

Who can ask for contact with a child?

It is wrongly assumed that only parents can seek contact with a child. Whereas contacts such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings or any other close connections to the child may seek the parents’ permission for contact with the child.

How we can help

Our legal team engage on a daily basis with specialist family law solicitor(s) and children’s law barristers, as well as counsellors and agencies supporting children and victims of domestic abuse. This leaves us well placed to advise on a wide range of problems that our clients may encounter such as issues of contact with children for example.

If you and your child’s other parent, are unable to reach an agreement regarding contact arrangements, there are methods to resolve issues. You could seek the method of family mediation, if this is not successful you may progress seek a court order.

At P.A.Duffy and Co Solicitors our dedicated family law team are vastly experienced in dealing with matters of child contact. We offer mediation services to ensure that Court Orders are being observed. In the event of non-compliance with an Order we can advise you on the best solution, this may include holding the party who has breached the Contact Order in contempt of court.

We also understand that it is in the best interest of the child to avoid court proceedings. Therefore, we also offer mediation services which can often be an effective way to come to an agreement in respect of contact.

We have particular expertise in child law disputes, our solicitors have ample experience in helping our clients to secure contact with children following a breakdown in family relations.

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