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What are leases of commercial property?

A commercial lease is a legally binding contract which is formed between a business tenant (lessee)and a landlord(lessor) subject to a set of terms agreed . Often these are initially agreed as what is commonly known as ‘Heads of Terms@ and those ‘Heads’ are later incorporated into the lease. The ‘Heads’ and ultimately the terms of the lease that follow are important as they determine matters such as the rent payable, the usage allowed, the term of the lease, rent review and rights granted to the Tenant or rights reserved by the Landlord over the Property.

The leasing of Commercial Property is also governed by a piece of legislation known as the Business Tenancies ( NI ) Order 1996 – it is essential that this legislation is considered and advised upon when entering into a commercial lease.

Most Common Commercial Lease Agreements

  • Retail Units/Shops
  • Warehousing
  • Workshops
  • Factories
  • Yards
  • Pubs & Restaurants

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At P.A. Duffy Solicitors, we can offer our services of lease transactions for both landlords and tenants. We understand that leasing of commercial property can be stressful and present many challenges. We can help reduce this stress by offering our specialised legal advice.

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