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Under the current UK Government immigration policies have become exclusionary and often unfair. Our specialist Immigration solicitors offer services to protect the rights of immigrants and also challenge the decisions of public bodies which discriminate against immigrants. 

Entry and Exclusion

At P.A. Duffy and Company we offer friendly and informed advice on UK Immigration, our services include VISA applications, residence permits and citizenship applications for example.

We also represent clients who wish to challenge a Home Office decision to refuse entry or to exclude immigrants from the UK. Our legal team have vast experience in this area and will advise you on your right to remain and grounds for appeal.

Accessing Benefits

The Immigration Act 2016, along with a raft of other legislative changes have significantly restricted immigrants access to state support such as housing benefit and job seekers allowance. We offer expert advice to our clients on what they are entitled to and can bring a judicial review on their behalf if they feel they have unlawfully, unreasonably or improper been denied access to a particular benefit.

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