Vulnerable Adult Abuse

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When Can I Claim?

Vulnerable adults who are abused or exploited are generally elderly people or adults with a disability/mental illness. Most cases of abuse take place in hospital’s, residential homes and care facilities. There have been many allegations of abuse in care homes across Ireland, including the alleged serious assault of an elderly dementia patient at Lisnisky Nursing Home in Craigavon in 2017 and the recent nursing suspensions in Muckamore Abbey in County Antrim after CCTV footage was released showing abuse of patients with learning disabilities.

How We Can Help

Bringing a claim for compensation against the perpetrators of the abuse or against an Institution who was responsible for preventing the abuse or who covered the abuse up is an effective legal remedy for victims. While this can seem like a daunting step, our experienced solicitors can help to talk you through the process and advise on whether you have a viable case.

Victims often worry about having to appear in Court if they bring a claim for compensation. However, cases of this nature often settle outside of court. If the case does have to be decided in Court then safeguards will be put in place to reflect the fact that the victim is a vulnerable adult.

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