Dental Negligence

Most dental problems are straight forward and easily treatable. However, when a dentist fails to diagnose a problem, unacceptably delays diagnosis or causes damage as a result of careless treatment it can cause significant pain and distress. Our team of legal professionals are well equipped to help you deal with claims for compensation relating to dental negligence.


  • A missed or delayed diagnosis of a dental problem will ultimately result in a worsening of the problem and can cause significant stress. At P.A. Duffy and Company our experienced solicitors can provide legal advice and representation if you feel you have been negligently misdiagnosed.

Careless Treatment

  • Many areas of dental negligence fall under the umbrella term of careless treatment, including damage caused from an incorrect dosage of anaesthesia or incorrect tooth extraction for example. Our dedicated legal team will work to determine the cause of your injury and help you to understand the process of making a claim for compensation.

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