Informed Consent Claims

Disclosure of Risks Prior to Surgery

The Care Quality Commission states that a client must be fully informed of the risks associated with any procedure they undergo by a medical professional. There are associated risks with most surgeries and in many cases the chances of something going wrong are very small. Nonetheless, patient’s must be made fully aware of the risks and give informed consent accordingly.

Issues with informed consent generally emerge when a patient suffers an injury or other unanticipated side affect from a surgical procedure and feel that they were not adequately informed of the potential consequences. This can have a very damaging impact on the patient-doctor relationship which is highly dependant on trust and consent.

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At PA Duffy and Company our medical negligence solicitors are vastly experienced with cases of this nature. We will seek expert medical opinions to support our claim and establish whether our client’s were made fully aware of the risks associated with a procedure and gave informed consent.

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