Negligent Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

If you have suffered unforeseen and undesired damage as a result of negligent plastic surgery, our expert solicitors offer friendly and professional advice in helping you bring a claim for compensation in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Making a compensation claim

  • If you were not given appropriate information to make an informed decision, your treatment was substandard, a defective product was used, or you didn’t receive appropriate aftercare treatment at P.A. Duffy and Company we will advise you on the legal complexities and bring a claim on your behalf.
  • Negligent plastic surgery can have significant consequences. For example, faulty transvaginal mesh implants have been used in recent years to treat women suffering from urogynecologic conditions to devastating effect throughout Ireland.
  • If you have suffered from negligent plastic surgery of this nature you will certainly be entitled to a claim for compensation. Our dedicated solicitors are trained to identify such negligence and give you all necessary guidance in order to proceed with a claim.

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