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Have I Been Treated Negligently?

Spinal injuries* can be extremely debilitating and have a significant affect on your quality of life. When patients are misdiagnosed, mistreated or there is an unacceptable delay in diagnosis it can lead to an acceleration of an existing injury or perhaps the creation of an additional injury.

Cases of mistreatment and misdiagnosis often arise in relation to Cauda Equine Syndrome as it is necessary to identify and treat the problem quite quickly. Failure to treat the problem quickly and effectively can lead to serious problems including paralysis, incontinence, leg and back problems.

Types of Negligence

The consequences of negligence in spinal injury cases can be life changing. It is vital that doctors and medical professionals consider carefully the risks of a particular course of treatment and obtain informed consent from patients. Spinal Injury claims most commonly arise in relation to the following:

-Undiagnosed fractures of the neck and back

-Mistakes when handling patients with neck or back injuries

-Misdiagnosis of Cauda Equine Syndrome

-Errors during spinal surgery

-Failure to obtain informed consent


How We Can Help

At P.A.Duffy and Company our team of experienced solicitors understand the pain and stress that cases of medical negligence can cause, particularly with serious spinal injuries. We offer expert advice and representation and can help you to make a claim for compensation. Our solicitors will negotiate a settlement on your behalf that will take into account the pain and suffering you have incurred, as well as damages for any financial loss you have incurred. This can include loss of earnings, medical expenses, care costs, physiotherapy costs and any other financial loss that can be attributed to the negligence alleged.

The time limit for bringing a claim for medical negligence is 3 years in Northern Ireland and 2 years in Republic of Ireland. There are some circumstances where this can be extended. It is important to establish the date of knowledge which essentially means the date on which you became aware of the negligence. In some cases, this can be a long time after the treatment took place.

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*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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