P.A.Duffy & Co appoints Danielle Garrity as Legal Executive

Danielle Garrity

Danielle joined P.A.Duffy and Company in August 2020 where she will practice primarily in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence litigation. She spent the past year in New York studying for the New York Bar Examination before moving home where she intends to take the entrance exam for the Institute of Professional Legal Studies in December 2020 and to thereafter practice as a solicitor in the jurisdictions of Northern Ireland and Ireland. She graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2018 with LLB Honours in Law and a Masters in Law at Trinity College, Dublin in 2019. She then spent four months working for the New York City Counsel Office of Attorneys where she dealt primarily with litigation cases arising in various New York City Districts before completing the New York Bar Exam in 2020. She therefore has knowledge and experience of the law in these three jurisdictions – UK, ROI, and USA. Her core principle is to enhance the lives of the public through her work. She has a special interest in human rights and criminal justice. She has completed thesis papers across these areas, specifically a comparative review of defendant and plaintiff anonymity in rape cases and an evaluation of the 1951 Convention and it adequately protects victims of persecution, specifically female genital mutilation or is it a violation of international human rights law. She completed a public speaking project on female genital mutilation also. She has worked closely with a Refugee Law groups and Doctors of Law on whistle blower refugee status. She has covered a broad range of areas including National Security Law; International Criminal Law; Patent Law; International Human Rights; Arbitration Law; and Refugee Law. She has also completed her Masters thesis titled “The Fishbowl Effect: An Investigation into the relationship between National Security and Privacy in the United Kingdom through the lens of Mass Surveillance.” This demonstrates Danielle can adapt to any area of law outside of her special interests and is always willing to learn about current issues. In her spare time she loves the gym, yoga, coffee, and spending time with friends and family. She also likes to travel when she gets the opportunity.
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