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What is a partnership agreement?

A partnership agreement, also referred to as a Partnership contract, is a document that clarifies the individual rights and responsibilities of each partner.

Partnership agreements bring many benefits to a business, it is cost-effective, it determines liability and maintains control and clarity within your business.

The importance of having a partnership agreement:

  • Clarifies each partner’s individual rights and responsibilities within the business
  • Acts as written evidence which prevents potential costly court cases in the case of issues arising- issues can range from financial dispute to decision making
  • Prevents any misunderstandings within the partnership as it formalises any unwritten procedures in the business.

How we can help

Your partnership agreement can be drafted at any stage of the business’s lifespan. Our commercial legal team will be able to provide their expertise and tailor your agreement to suit your business.

We will ensure that you have a complete understanding of the agreement before entering it, so you can achieve the best legal outcome for you and your business.


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