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At P.A.Duffy & Company Solicitors we have received an increasing number of farm accident claim enquiries.

We are well placed to deal with these cases and are determined to seek the compensation you deserve.

What do farm accidents include?

Farming is one of the most dangerous industries to work in and various accidents can occur;

  • Falling objects
  • Falling from heights
  • Slipping and tripping from steep slopes
  • Accidents with cattle and other livestock
  • Accidents with forklifts, tractors, and other machinery

These injuries can vary from minor injuries to fatal.  In many cases these can result in life-changing results. Therefore, it is vital that you obtain the correct legal advice and guidance so you can receive sufficient compensation. We understand that this compensation will not rectify the trauma or loss caused however it will relieve some financial burden such as providing medical equipment, hospital appointments and care.

Who is responsible?

It is vital to pinpoint the party which is responsible for the accident’s occurrence. The responsibility can fall under either:

  1. ‘Employer’s liability’
  2. ‘Occupier’s Liability’

Employer’s Liability:

Employer’s liability requires an employer and employee relationship to exist and it puts an obligation onthe employer to create a safe working environment for employees as they are legally responsible for your safety and welfare.

Occupier’s Liability:

This places the landowner under an obligation to provide a safe environment for all legal visitors.  They are legally responsible for your safety and welfare.

I have lost a loved one due to a farm accident: can I still claim for compensation?

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult and unforeseen circumstances are especially difficult. It is a common question whether the individual or a family member can still pursue a claim for compensation.

The estate of the deceased is entitled to take a claim in relation to an accident if a claim can be established on the facts.  Any compensation will be paid into the estate and will be divided as part of the probate process to any beneficiaries under a will or the rules of intestacy.  There may also be circumstances where a dependent relative can make a claim as well.

How could compensation help me?

­We understand that compensation will not rectify the trauma of loss however it will relieve some financial burden.  For example:

  • Dependency: This would apply to you as the deceased’s family member. If you relied on the deceased financially prior to their death then the judge may consider the loss of income for you as a dependent.
  • Funeral expenses: This will involve reasonable expenses for the deceased funeral.

How We Can Help

It is important to seek the correct legal advice when pursuing a personal injury claim whether it be for non-fatal injuries or even if you are acting on behalf of a loved one who has lost their life due to a farm accident.

Our Personal Injury team will handle your case with great sensitivity, and we will take as much burden off you during the process as we understand this is a difficult time.

Our Personal Injury team will help you pinpoint where the responsibility lies and guide you through the claims process.

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