Spouse/Partner Visa

Do you want to bring your partner in to the UK?

• If you are a non-EEA or Swiss national and you are looking to join your partner in the UK, you must first obtain a valid UK visa. Depending on the type of relationship you have with your partner, there are several different types of Spouse and Partner Visas available to help you join them in the UK. At P.A. Duffy & Co. we can assist you with the process and provide you with the correct legal advice. • If you are not yet married to your partner, but you are in a serious, committed relationship, you can apply for an Unmarried Partner Visa. If your intention is to get married, or undergo a civil ceremony when in the UK, you can apply for a Fiance(e) Visa or Proposed Civil Partner Visa. Alternatively, if you are already married to your partner, you will need to apply for a Spouse Visa or Civil Partnership Visa. • We can help you acquire your Spouse Visa. If you get in touch today, one of our highly-qualified lawyers can guide you through the entire enquiry and application process. Here at P.A. Duffy & Co. we will ensure that you have the proper evidence to prove your relationship is genuine, that your documents have been checked and that your spouse or partner is eligible to sponsor your visa.

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