Protective Trusts

Trusts are a very effective method for preserving your possessions and property and ensuring your family and loved ones are provisioned for in the future. At P.A. Duffy and Company our solicitors are vastly experienced and can advise on the merits of a protective trust for your specific circumstances.

How we can help

  • You may wish to include a trust in your will for children who are under 18, you will have to choose reliable trustees who will manage your property or possessions before passing them on to your intended beneficiary at the appropriate time.
  • Our solicitors may also advise that a protective trust is an effective way to manage your assets and plan for inheritance tax, we will engage with you regularly in order to decide what the best option is for you.
  • You may also decide to create a protective trust within a will to provision for a disabled relative or loved one if they do not have the capacity to deal with any possession or property you leave for them.

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