Can I get a Non-Molestation Order during this Current Pandemic?

Non Molestation Order During Current Pandemic

Yes! Don’t Suffer In Silence – Seek Help and get in touch with us.

The current advice from the Department of Justice in Northern Ireland is that the court system is still open to emergency cases and this includes non molestation orders. In these unprecedented times, a Judge will look at your application on paper rather than you having to appear at the court. If there is sufficient merit in your application then he/ she may be minded to grant you an emergency non molestation order (NMO) to protect you. We will make this application for you and lodge it with the court for the Judge to adjudicate on. All you need to do is talk to us and tell us why you feel threatened or scared.

Domestic Violence At Home

If you are suffering at home from domestic violence or you feel that you are walking on eggshells, we will help you get a court order to protect you. Last year the PSNI reported that they had dealt with over 30,000 domestic abuse incidents in the preceding year.

The government’s Tackling Violence at Home strategy defines domestic abuse as, “Threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, verbal, sexual, financial or emotional) inflicted on one person by another where they are or have been intimate partners or family members, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.”

We work closely with Women’s Aid and the PSNI in order to help victims of domestic violence.

Non-Molestation Order

A Non-Molestation Order protects you or your child/grandchild from being harmed, threatened, harassed, pestered or intimidated. It also prevents the person you need protection from instructing or inciting a third party to do any of the above on their behalf.

You can seek such an Order if the person you want protection from is someone you’re having or had a relationship with; a family member; or someone you’re living with or lived with. You can also apply on behalf of your child or grandchild if they are suffering. Any breach of an order can see your abuser arrested immediately by the PSNI. You may also be able to apply for an Occupation Order which protects you from the abuser entering your home or the area near your home.

Emergency Help

If you feel that you are in this situation and need emergency help, we can put an application to the court without your abuser knowing about it. This is on an ‘ex-parte’ basis.  If a Judge grants the Order the PSNI will serve the Order on your abuser immediately. They will then be given a court date to come and answer to the facts that you allege on your application. They may wish to oppose the Order and will have to get their own solicitor to represent them on that day. However you can be kept in a separate room on this occasion to protect you from having to meet them face to face.

Whatever your concern, talk to us. We can advise you confidentially on the best way forward to keep you safe. Don’t suffer in silence.

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