We want to make the law concerning wills and estate administration more accessible to our clients. If you have a question about wills, trusts, taxes or probate our leading solicitors are here to help you.


Writing a will ensures your wishes regarding your money, your possessions and your property are carried out after you die and that your family and loved ones are looked after in the way that you want.  Our solicitors can help you structure your estate in the best way to protect your wealth for the future, provide for your loved ones, and minimise tax.

We have considerable experience with high value estates and international wealth and understand the challenges this can present.  We can also help you protect your assets against future life changes such as divorce, manage your wealth and succession planning across multiple countries, and make sure your estate is structured as tax-efficiently as possible.  

We administer wills and as well as draft them, we combine practical knowledge with legal expertise to make planning for your future as efficient as possible.

Why make a will? 

1.   You control the destiny of your estate

2.   Tax Planning

3.   Intestacy can create difficulties; unwed partners have no rights under Intestacy Rules;

4.   Foreign assets need careful advice and drafting;

Estates may become more substantial on death through insurance policies or pensions