Stillbirth claims

Causes of Stillbirth

Stillbirths are devastating for parents and it is entirely natural that they will want answers as to how it could happen. Stillbirth cases often happen because the mother has diabetes or high blood pressure. In these cases it is likely that no one is at fault and it is just an unavoidable tragedy.

Stillbirth can also occur due to lack of oxygen or infection. In these cases parent’s will want to know the reasons surrounding this. There are a wide variety of things that could have went wrong, either during the delivery or throughout the pregnancy. This may include, for example, a failure to diagnose irregular symptoms in the mother or treat appropriately.

How We Can Help

Our experienced solicitor’s understand that this will be an extremely stressful and painful time for parents. We walk our client’s through the Claim’s process step by step and will tailor our services to your needs. If you feel that there was negligence involved in a case of this nature we can help you to make a claim for compensation.

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