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Module 2 – Core UK decision-making; political governance

Module 2 of the UK Covid-19 public inquiry formally opened on 31st August 2022. Module 2 is split into separate parts to examine the UK’s overall response to the Covid-19 pandemic. To begin, it will consider and make recommendations upon, the UK’s core political and administrative decision-making in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic between the period January 2020 and February 2022. It will pay particular scrutiny to the decisions taken by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, as advised by the Civil Service, senior political, scientific, and medical advisers, and relevant Cabinet sub-committees, between January and March 2020, when the first national lockdown was imposed.



  • Preliminary Hearings

    • October 31st 22’ – Ronan Lavery, Counsel for Northern Ireland Bereaved Families for Justice, addressed cross-over between modules 2 and 2C. Mr Lavery questioned whether there was going to be a look at the relationship and communications between London and Dublin during the pandemic.

    • March 1st 23’ –The second preliminary hearing for module 1 covered rule 9 requests, disclosure of core participants, the witnesses and hearing timetable, evidence proposal and rule 10 and instruction of expert witnesses. Brenda Campbell, Counsel for Northern Ireland Bereaved Families for Justice, addressed the issue of whether the UK Government properly addressed Northern Ireland’s unique issues regarding decision-making. In closing, she urged the voices of the Northern Ireland Bereaved Families to be heard.

    • June 6th 23’ – During the third and last preliminary hearing for module 1, Counsel to the inquiry provided updates on panellists, rule 9 requests, expert witnesses, a provisional list of witnesses and commemoration and impact films. Brenda Campbell, Counsel for Northern Ireland Bereaved Families for Justice, demanded sooner release of disclosure and witness statements as it was hindering the Northern Ireland inquiry team.

Public Hearings 3rd October – 14th December

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