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Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney grants an individual the ability to authorise someone else to act on their behalf concerning the Donor's property and financial matters. If you, as the Donor, experience a loss of mental capacity due to illness or traumatic injury, your chosen representative (your Attorney) can legally oversee your assets with efficiency and minimal expense or complication.

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Our private client team pride themselves on providing invaluable advice in a professional and compassionate manner. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in securing your intentions and proficiently preparing for your future.

Our legal team will allow you to make the right choice which reflects your own interests and your own individual circumstances as well as give you the comfort of knowing that your health and your assets are in safe hands, should you lose mental capacity.


Why should I get an Enduring Power of Attorney?

An Enduring power of attorney provides various benefits, including:

  • The liberty to designate a trustworthy individual to manage your finances in the future.

  • Beyond outlining your financial preferences, you can define the powers granted to your EPA, such as restricting them from selling specific assets, like your home.

  • It provides reassurance that your affairs will remain organised in the event of mental or physical incapacity.

  • It lessens the likelihood of future complications and expenses for your family members or loved ones, as gaining control over someone else's affairs without an EPA can be both time-consuming and costly.

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