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Module 3 – Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare systems in the 4 nations of the UK

Module 3 of the UK Covid-19 public inquiry formally opened on 8th November 2022. It will consider the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare systems in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. This will include an examination of the consequences for healthcare systems as a result of the government’s response to Covid-19. It will also examine the capacity of healthcare systems to respond to a pandemic and how this evolved during the Covid-19 pandemic. It also will consider the primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare sectors and services, and the experience of healthcare during the pandemic through illustrative accounts. Finally, it will examine healthcare-related inequalities (such as death rates, PPE, and oximeters), with further detailed consideration in separate designated modules.

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  • Preliminary Hearings

    • February 28th 23’ Ronan Lavery, Counsel for the Northern Ireland Bereaved Families for Justice, opened raising concerns around rule 10 requests for permission of questioning. Lavery explained the unique perspective Northern Ireland has, due to the combined health and social care model and the weak healthcare system in Northern Ireland that was there even before the pandemic.

    • September 27th 23’ – Maire-Claire McDermott, Counsel for the Northern Ireland Bereaved Families for Justice, extended the thoughts of the bereaved families to the Counsel to the Inquiry. This included the belief of many of the families that their loved ones got Covid-19 because nothing was done to prevent it in the healthcare system. Ms McDermott closed by stating the healthcare system in Northern Ireland was neglected prior to the pandemic which was the cause for its catastrophic failure.

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