Module 1: Resilience and preparedness

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Module 1: Resilience and preparedness

Module 1 of the UK Covid-19 Public Inquiry was formally opened on 20th July 2022 and will examine the resilience and preparedness of the United Kingdom. The module will explore whether the risk of a Coronavirus pandemic was properly identified and planned for and if the UK was ready for such an eventuality. The module will examine the UK’s preparedness for whole-system civil emergencies, including resourcing the system of risk management and pandemic readiness.

We have secured Core Participant Status for Module 1. A full list of all core participants for Module 1 can be accessed here.

Please refer to our Module 1 Resilience and Preparedness Guidance Booklet for more information including:

  • The UK Covid-19 Inquiry and Module 1. 
  • Module 1 Provisional Outline of Scope.
  • Inquiry Timetable for Module 1.

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