Anaesthetic Injury

Negligent Anaesthetic Administration

Being given an anaesthetic, whether it be general or local, may seem like a fairly innocuous task. However, mistakes in this area can be very dangerous and in some cases can cause serious injury and illness. Anaesthetists are trained to a very high standard and generally deliver excellent care. Nonetheless, mistakes do sometimes happen. An incorrect dosage of anaesthetic can lead to problems such as brain damage and nerve damage.

How We Can Help

At PA Duffy and Company our specialised medical negligence solicitor’s have helped to negotiate several substantial settlements for client’s who have been treated negligently in relation to the administration of anaesthetic. We offer compassionate and professional representation and will handle the day to day dealings of your claim, taking the burden away from you. Compensation may not reverse the damage caused by the negligence, but it can help to pay for any medical expenses and time missed from work and allow you to move on with your life.

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