GP Negligence Compensation Claims

GP Negligence Claims

GPs manage day-to-day medical problems and concerns. Although they’re not usually specialists, they should know when to refer a patient to a more specialist doctor. Majority of patients will have a positive experience with their GP and receive good or even exceptional care. We expect our doctors to be able to diagnose and act accordingly on the symptoms of illness, but sometimes these signs are missed, with serious consequences. At P.A.Duffy & Co Solicitors, our team of medical negligence experts can help you with a range of GP claims such as;
  • Failure to refer to specialist
  • Failure to refer for tests
  • Failure to take your medical history into account
  • Failure to diagnose a condition
  • Failure to adequately examine
  • Prescribing the wrong medication or making a mistake with a prescription
  These are just a small number of examples of the kind of situations in which GPs can make mistakes, but the results of negligence or errors can be serious for patients. Any one of these errors can have a long-term impact on your wellbeing and your quality of life. GPs play such an important role in our health, so it’s vital that the consequences of any mistakes they make are recognised and learned from.

When Should I Make A Claim?

Under normal circumstances in the UK & Northern Ireland, you need to make a claim within 3 years from the date of the negligence or from the date of your knowledge of the negligence. In Republic of Ireland, you need to make a claim within 2 years. However, if you’re claiming compensation on behalf of a child, then there is no time limit until your child turns 18. From the age of 18 the three-year rule applies in UK and NI, and the two-year rule in ROI. If you have concerns or believe that you were a victim of negligence, it’s important to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible. Don’t delay in getting this support, as it never hurts to discuss the situation with a trained expert and to at least find out if you could have a claim.

P.A.Duffy & Co Medical Negligence Experts

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