Unlawful Imprisonment

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When Can I Make a Claim?

You can bring a claim for compensation if you have been arrested without reasonable grounds or you have been held without explanation. When arresting you the police have a duty to inform you why you are being arrested and what crime you have committed.

Unlawful imprisonment is a significant breach of human rights as enshrined in the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights. A wrongful imprisonment could constitute a breach of several fundamental human rights including freedom from inhumane and degrading treatment and the right to a private and family life.

How We Can Help

At P.A.Duffy and Company our human rights solicitors are highly specialised in cases of this nature. We have successfully claimed for unlawful imprisonment in cases where arrests the defendants lacked mental capacity and also in cases relating to unsubstantiated terrorism charges.

Our solicitors will make a claim for compensation on your behalf and endeavour to negotiate a favourable settlement on your behalf. Anyone can bring a claim, however, if the claimant is a minor or lacks mental capacity then a claim must be taken on their behalf.

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