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Covid-19 Business Interruption Insurance Claims

The Covid-19 pandemic and the associated lockdowns have forced significant numbers of Northern Irish businesses to close down or reduce their operations, leading to substantial reductions in income for those businesses.  Business Interruption Insurance is designed to cover a business’s profit or income losses in the event of an unexpected interruption, such as a natural disaster or a fire.  Unfortunately many businesses are finding that their insurers are failing to provide cover for their losses arising from the coronavirus pandemic, with some insurers arguing that the wording of their policy meant that they did not apply to covid related losses.

However In a test case, brought by the Financial Conduct Authority and heard in January, the Supreme court found in favour of the FCA on behalf of policyholders of Business Interruption Insurance.  The Judgement means that insurers will find it more difficult to turn down Business Interruption policy claims for covid related losses.

Why choose PA Duffy to deal with my business insurance provider?

We have significant experience in Business Interruption Insurance claims.  Our goal is to be your advocate, taking the stress away from dealing with your insurer and striving tirelessly to recover your losses as quickly as possible. 

Please contact our commercial litigation team for more advice on Business Interruption insurance and any related queries.

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