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Defective Allergan Implants- Do I have a case?

What Allergan Implants?

Allergan is a Pharmaceutical Company which has manufactured breast implants which thousands of women have had inserted. Allergan implants are a brand of breast implants which are specifically used for the purposes of breast enhancement, reconstruction, and enlargement. Allergan breast implants are manufactured using mostly silicone and saline elements.

The Recall

From July 2019, Allergan has issued a worldwide recall due to associated links with rare cancer. This link was flagged by the Drug and Food Administration after a discovery that many Allergan implants were defective. The defective implants which have been recalled are largely due to major health risks which have been uncovered in the last few years. One of the most dangerous risks is that the breast implants are linked to BIA-ALCL. This refers to anaplastic large cell lymphoma which is a rare cancer of the immune system. This is not associated with breast cancer. This is in scar tissue and fluid near the locus of the implant. In more severe cases, the condition can spread throughout the body if the implants rupture inside the breast.

How Can We Help?

There are two routes to explore if your implants have been recalled or if you have pain or symptoms developing.

Medical Negligence

If the surgery involving the Allergan implants occurred in Northern Ireland or Ireland we have jurisdiction for your medical negligence claim. This can include medical practices overlooking symptoms arising from potentially ruptured implants or the practice or hospital where the original surgery took place. Symptoms to look out for are:

  • Pain/swelling in the armpits

  • Pain and swelling in the neck

  • Lumps

  • Asymmetry

  • Breast enlargement

  • Skin rash

If an individual is experiencing any of the above symptoms, they should seek to be referred for a mammogram, CT scan, or MRI scan to depict if there is a build-up of fluid around the implant or the lymph nodes.

Product Liability

As Allergan implants were manufactured in the Republic of Ireland, in addition to a possible medical negligence claim there will be a product liability claim which is a case which arises when products are defective. Before a product is issued, there are standards which need to be met to ensure the product is entirely safe for purpose. Allergan implants have failed to meet the high standards which has resulted in serious injuries and symptoms to individuals who decided to get the Allergan implants.

The Allergan implants were manufactured in the Republic of Ireland which means we can help individuals who have underwent breast augmentation with Allergan implants which have turned out to prove defective.

Women who have received the implants and they are part of the recall, they should have their serial and reference number readily available to make a claim.

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