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By Conal McGarrity
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Legal Expenses Insurance

Clients often have available to them a form of insurance which will cover the costs of many types of legal disputes but are often not aware that this option is available to them.

Legal expenses insurance is typically sold as an optional ‘add-on’ when purchasing an insurance policy – although it does sometimes come as part of standard insurance cover. It is often included with:

  • Home contents insurance

  • Buildings insurance

  • Car or motorcycle insurance

You may also have elements of legal expenses insurance cover included with another product or as benefits of your employment.

At the start of cases we often advise that it is important that clients check their current insurance policy documents, and the terms and conditions of other packaged products or employment contracts.  We often advise on whether coverage is available and assist by drafting a legal opinion which is used to secure cover.

Legal expenses cover varies between different policies and providers but there are some matters which that it generally can help with:

  • Medical Negligence

  • Personal injury claims

  • Employment disputes, such as unfair dismissal or discrimination

  • Boundary disputes

  • Tax disputes

  • Education Appeals

  • Criminal Defence

There are also some things that it doesn’t generally help with. These might be:

  • Issues that started before you bought the policy;

  • Legal costs you pay for before your claim is accepted;

  • Claims where the likelihood of success or ‘reasonable prospects of success’ are evaluated as being less than 51% likely to succeed; and

  • Anything specifically excluded – the policy documentation will set out what is and what is not covered.

Clients should be aware of the potential availability of legal expenses funding when encountering legal difficulties.  We are able to advise on whether coverage is available under your policy and can apply on your behalf for cover.  We can also advise and deal with any coverage dispute which may arise.

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