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Driver’s RTA Claim Case Study

Name of client:              

John Smith*


55 at the time of the accident

Injury summary:             

Injuries to the neck, upper back & ruptured supraspinatus tendon in right shoulder. John also suffered psychologically because of the accident.

Case resolution:              

Case settled for €55,000.00 in August 2021


In May 2019, John was involved in a road traffic accident when another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction, attempted to make a right turn, across the path of John’s vehicle and collided with John’s vehicle causing him to suffer personal injuries, loss, damage, inconvenience and expense.  

He suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck, upper back and right shoulder. His sleep was disturbed, and he was having nightmares and flashbacks. He developed severe anxiety and stress after the accident. Following the accident, he requested an MRI scan of the right shoulder which revealed a supraspinatus tendon partial tear in a tendon in his right shoulder which was attributed to the accident.

Such was the extent of his injuries that he was unable to return to work for eight weeks and he was unable to engage in his recreative hobbies such as swimming and weightlifting.

John required a course of physiotherapy to help with his injuries.

How P.A. Duffy & Co solicitors helped

At PA Duffy & Co, we pushed for John to be awarded the maximum compensation. We worked hard to ensure that he was compensated for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity. We made his application to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. John was not happy with the assessment by PIAB, so we issued High Court proceedings to resolve the matter.

We were also able to recover the associated financial losses he had experienced such as medical expenses and physiotherapy fees.

His road traffic accident settled for €55000.00 out of court in August 2021.

*Name of client has been changed.

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